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Petungkriyono is one of district that located in Pekalongan Region. Petungkriyono area has the hill and also deep valley morphology. That morphology caused the high potential of landslide in this area. Petungkriyono not only has the high potential of landslide but also has the potential of tourist destination, high production of plantation commodities such as coffee, tea, vegetables and etc. Local government needs to develop all positive potential in Petungkriyono, they need to build the supporting infrastructure and the process of construction has to give attention to potential hazard (landslide). Because of that, the risk map of the landslide in this area is important for infrastructure development and disaster risk reduction. In this research used union methods of landslide mapping. The scoring system in this method based on analytical hierarchy process (AHP) and Chief of National Disaster Management Authority No. 2 Th. 2012 (Perka BNPB No. 2 Tahun 2012) about disaster risk assessment guidelines. Risk map has three parameters, that are potential of landslide map, vulnerability map, and the map of community capacity to face the hazard. The analyses are using ArcMap with overlay analyses. The result of the Petungkriyono risk map showed 0.345km2 areas located in the low risk of landslide, 4,17 km2 areas located in middle risk of landslide, and 79,2 km2 located at high risk of landslide. Because of that increased capacity of people to face the hazard for mitigation is very important in Petungkriyono.

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